Since it was the last week of preschool it was time for me to get everything completed!

  • I made more than the usual number of grocery visits.
  • I wrapped just about all the presents.  I have five small items left to do.
  • I mailed the Christmas cards.
  • The boys all had haircuts from the lady that comes to our house.
  • We had four swimming lessons plus one free swim session.
  • We had two birthday parties.
  • I took the youngest to her gym class.
  • The oldest had two baseball practices.
  • Preschool had their holiday party.  I sent in sliced cucumbers for the red/green theme.
  • I made Hot Cross Buns because the younger boys were asking about the song.  They turned out to be quite popular so I’m going to try again with a slightly different recipe.


  • I ordered the beef roasts for Christmas dinner.  I’ll pick them up on Saturday.
  • We had an early Christmas with my sister who will be elsewhere for the holiday.  They kids enjoyed getting one present early.  And, I think its nice for them to spread things out a bit.