I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but I will plan to keep up the monthly goals lists in 2018.

Let’s see first how December went:

  • Order and send Christmas cards.
  • Find/buy/wrap all Christmas presents.  Mail if needed.


  • Finish cleaning the master bedroom and garage.  With the holiday break, the other spaces are just going to have to wait for 2018.  I got the garage done and I got the stuff organized in the master bedroom.  It just needs an actual cleaning.
  • A big recipe clean-out.  You know, all those magazine pages I’ve torn out or websites I’ve printed.  Are we really going to try them?  Also, going through my binder of tried recipes to weed out those we really don’t actually eat.  I’m aiming to try one new recipe each week this winter and I’m on track (minus Thanksgiving week) so far.

And, a few more things got done in the past few weeks:

  • We visited with family.
  • It snowed just before Christmas.  I’m sure this messed with many people’s plans, but it did give us a white Christmas.  (There was a fair amount of ice involved also, but thankfully no major power issues.)


  • I redid the boys closets.  I moved clothes that were two small down, removed things that were ripped/stained/etc., got out the next size shirts for the twins, and sorted my various fall consignment sale finds by size so they’re ready when needed.
  • I updated our Christmas card list with new addresses, etc.
  • We attended our final swimming lessons of the year.  We’ll take a session off and be back at them towards the end of February.
  • The twins attended their Before School Sports session; the youngest went to her gym class.  I registered her for the next session.
  • We had a playdate for the preschooler.
  • Our oldest had four baseball practices.
  • I registered our first grader for winter baseball.
  • We made Gingerbread cookies.  We also watched Die Hard and Home Alone as Christmas movies.


  • The six oldest people saw the new Star Wars movie.

So, it’s on to January 2018.

  • Finish the master bedroom clean.
  • Start the office clean:
    • Put away items that shouldn’t be in there.
    • Shred the massive pile of bills/receipts/etc.
    • Put away important documents to keep and toss ones that are older than need keeping.
    • Fix one category of broken items: books, sewing, or plastic stuff.
    • Clean near the window wall and put the desk back where it belongs.
  • Make a master cleaning document to track how often things should be/are getting cleaned.
  • Set up the new meals/activities tracking white boards.