Things continue to be fairly relaxed as far as scheduled events go.  It will be a few more months yet before things really go into overdrive.

  • Our oldest had 4 conditioning session and two baseball sessions.
  • Our youngest had gym class.
  • The twins had their ski lessons.
  • They also went to Math Morning and Before School Sports.
  • I had a school meeting.

A nice, concise list.  So, what did I do with my seeming abundance of time?

  • Most notably, I put to use / put away things we had.
    • We unrolled a new rug and added a rug pad.
    • We hung the ball cabinet our oldest got for Christmas.
    • We hung a new picture in the dining room.
    • I cut all the tags off the clothing I had ordered for the oldest and put it in his closet.
  • I purchased sheets from Target to replace some that had outlived their useful life.  The old sheets will go to the fabric recycling with some other stained/worn items.
  • I purchased some heavy duty wall hangers at Home Depot.  I bought a couple of different styles so, now that everything is hung, one will need to be returned.
  • I made progress towards cleaning the master bedroom and office.
  • I vacuum sealed 6 pouches of potatoes for mashed potatoes to prolong their shelf life.