It was a relatively busy week last week.  Still nothing compared to spring or fall, but there was a bit more on the calendar.

Typical activities occurred:

  • The oldest went to four conditioning sessions.
  • He also went to two baseball practices.
  • The twins went to Before School sports and skiing.

We missed Math Morning and gym for the youngest because so many people have been sick.  The sickness is going in waves, though hopefully will be done soon as we’re running out of people who haven’t been sick yet.

  • The boys all got haircuts.
  • The elementary school and preschool participated in Global Play Day.  This was quite popular even though it was shortened by a snow-induced early release.
    • The snow ended up more icy than snowy, but they boys went out anyway and got very wet.
    • One child took some LEGOs with him.  Miraculously they all came home.
  • Our first grader celebrated his 100th day of school.
  • We hosted two birthday parties and attended another.
  • I went to the preschool parent social.