This will be a short post because I only made two stops last week!

First, I spent $119.29 at Wegman’s on Friday, mostly on meat and milk.  Yes, everything else fit in one bag.  The ice cream was my free item of the month; the bread was 50% off.

I haven’t been talking too much about our menus lately as I’ve been trying just to get back on track with posts.  But, to give you an idea, we BBQed the chicken and ribs for dinner Saturday night (with two thirds of the corn from below).  Then we used some of the ground beef for chili Sunday night.  We’re back in soccer season so Monday was a split dinner with hot dogs for the younger ones and pizza for the late set (up to four now that our soccer playing twin has aged into the late practice slot).

To balance things out I spent $120.54 on produce on Sunday.


All of this is local.  We ate the yellow corn with the BBQ.  The heirloom tomato went on the pizza.  The pepper and white corn are for chowder tonight, assuming I can make that happen.  I’ll eat the peaches for lunch over the week.   I don’t have a plan for the green beans, but the kids love them so I grab a batch every time I go in season; this is only one meal’s worth.

The plan for tonight is flank steak (under the chicken above), corn chowder, bread (pictured above), and either green beans or spinach salad depending on how things play out.