Thanksgiving was clearly the big event in the past two weeks.  Everything else went fairly smoothly.


For one, the dishwasher got fixed before Thanksgiving.  It turned out to be a broken washer in the overflow valve.  This is not good, Kitchenaid, since the dishwasher is only two years old.  On a separate note, unlike when our previous dishwasher leaked around the door gasket, the water from this leak never did appear in front of the dishwasher.  Instead, the floor warped.  And, not a little bit since each time it ran it leaked multiple cups of water.  Now that it’s fixed, the wood is drying out and will hopefully return to normal.  But, it caused me to wonder why there is no pan installed under dishwashers like there is under washing machines now.

  • Winter baseball practices, swimming, and gymnastics continued for the relevant kids.  Actually, each kid has one of those activities.
  • The fifth graders went to math mornings.
  • As a member of the winning Majors team, we were invited to the Little League awards dinner.  It was a nice night out and it was good to see all the kids together again.
  • I had my last round of parent-teacher conferences.  At the middle school level there are multiple conferences.
  • We had one dentist appointment.
  • We had one doctor appointment.
  • We attended one birthday party.

We had our first snowfall of the year.  They forecast was for two inches and we got more like nine which led to a two hour delayed opening.  This was on middle school conference day so my oldest was bummed that he lost two hours of home alone time.

  • I got the two travel soccer players registered for the spring.  We’d been debating what to do with our oldest as his baseball commitments grow.  But, with the end of Little League, they’re actually down again so we decided to go for it.
  • After Thanksgiving I made 10 quarts of turkey stock and a pecan pie (the dessert bringer didn’t provide one of those).  Since we cooked two turkeys I still have lots of bones left with which to make more stock.  I’m trying to decide whether it makes more sense to store broth or bones.  It’s rather nice to set up an assembly line to churn through the broth making.