Though this week was mostly in 2019, it started in 2018, hence the post label.

With everybody home and a trip to BJ’s to use the December coupons before they expired, it was not a low week.

I spent $97.18 at Wegman’s on Monday.  Look at all that vacation stocking up: smoothies, cheese, bananas, toast, eggs, french toast, and tea!  And, yes, its pretty much gone.


On New Year’s Day I stopped at the farm stand (which I admit I was surprised was open) and spent $14.08 on cheese and green beans.


On the last day of the coupon cycle I spent $124.58 at BJ’s.

Finally, on Thursday I spent $14.07 on grape juice at Target and $38.12 on my Farmer’s to You box.  The granola bars were delivered by Amazon for $41.97.

That brought my total for the week to the oddly round number of $327.00.

Realizing that only the trip to Wegman’s fell in 2018, let’s look at the totals from that year.

December TOTAL: $1,384.37

  • Stop & Shop: $310.16
  • Wegman’s: $457.37
  • BJs: $57.29
  • Local: $435.19
    • Walden Local: $138.00
    • Farmers to You: $192.66
    • Other Local: $104.53
  • Other: $124.36
    • Star Market/Shaw’s: $96.97
    • Target: $27.39
    • Other: $0

That was a large month, but down from November even though it still included some holiday meal purchases.

So, what was on the menu last week (besides the breakfasts mentioned above)?

I pushed the easy button for New Year’s Eve.
Early: hot dogs, spinach salad
Late: homemade pizza

Tuesday (New Year’s Day):
Beef roast, fingerling potatoes, french onion soup, salad

Eataly pasta & sauce (was a Christmas present), spinach salad

Chili, cornbread, carrot sticks

Early: Pulled pork sandwiches, carrot sticks
Late: Homemade pizza
We do plan for split dinners on Friday just for a break before the weekend.

Pork roast, stuffing, butternut squash, green beans, prunes & apples

Fajitas, corn