It was an odd week.

I spent a lot at Wegman’s on Tuesday – $111.45.  But, they were all relatively expensive things.

In contrast, I only spent $54.87 at Stop & Shop on Thursday.  Just about everything was on sale, and less expensive items in general.  Interestingly it was just about the same number of items but half the total, especially since the ice cream and three milks didn’t make the picture.


Also on Thursday was the Farmer’s to You pickup, which totaled $58.33 this week.


Finally on Friday, I spent $13.80 at Market Basket.  I never go there!  But, they’re close.  I needed Parmesan cheese in case we had lost power this weekend and I grabbed some Ritz crackers on sale also.  That brought the week’s total to $238.45.

You may have noticed a continued lack of meat as I work through our freezer backlog.  Based on the sale fliers, I expect that to change this week.

Early:  Macaroni & cheese, broccoli
Late: Homemade pizza

Early:  Chicken nuggets, spinach salad
Late: Veal tenderloin, parsnip puree, roasted carrots

Shepard’s pie, green beans

Leftover carnitas, black beans, and Mexican rice

Early: Hot dogs, blueberries
Late: It was just me, but I figured the kid’s didn’t want to eat the fancy ravioli.  So, I had roasted apple, almond, and camembert ravioli with brown butter, craisins, and fresh sage.


Sausage, peppers, and onions; pan fried potatoes, spinach salad

Homemade pizza for the football game