Despite last week being spring vacation, sports just kept chugging along so weekday dinners were the usual split dinner offerings.

Baseball was rained out on Saturday though which meant we could actually eat together.  I went with tacos since I had most everything available.  People would have preferred I have taco shells, jalapenos, and refried beans but we got by without.

Sunday we were invited out for Easter Dinner at lunchtime.  So, dinner at home was simple – spaghetti & meatballs with spinach salad.

I made three grocery stops this week.  On Wednesday, I spent $64.17 at Star Market.  I didn’t get a picture because I arrived home just in time to start dinner so I pretty much shoved things in the fridge and ate.  But, it was a fairly typical trip there with a few week’s supply of oatmeal, pizza dough, and pizza cheese making up most of the bill.

On Thursday my Farmer’s to You box cost $47.42 as my chicken was significantly above the target weight.  That’s ok though.  I’d prefer to have a larger chicken than a smaller one.


Mixed reviews on the ice cream, which was a new category for us.  Good, but a little icy and maybe not differentiated enough to be worth the extra cost.

Finally, I spent $85.72 at Wegman’s on Friday.

That brought my weekly total to $197.31.