For the first time in a long while, we had an interesting menu and I kept track of it!

Nice meals for the first time in a few months resulted in many grocery stops, each of which only covered a meal or two.  Planning will come later.  I also went to BJs for the first time in over a month.  All in all, many, many stops.

On Tuesday, I spent $236.92 at Wegman’s and $48.22 at Stop & Shop.

Because of the holiday, our Farmers to You pickup was on Wednesday this week.  It came in at $45.03.


On Thursday (July 4), I spent $305.08 at BJ’s.

On Friday, I spent $56.11 at Star Market.  Eight packages of pizza dough didn’t make the picture.


Finally, on Sunday I spent $16.06 at the farm stand and $113.25 at Wegman’s.

That brought the total to a whopping $820.67!

The Wegman’s trip was quite late and really to cover my not going to the store on Monday or Tuesday this week.  But, otherwise, you can probably guess what we ate by the rather day by day pictures.

Ok, this one I forgot.

Early (5): Ham, raisin sauce, sugar snap peas
Late (3): Tuna noodle casserole

Meatball subs, raw veggies

Grilled beef tenderloin roast, guacamole, french bread, sugar snap peas

Early (5): Chicken nuggets, strawberries
Late (3): Homemade pizza

Braised halibut, bok choy

Hamburgers, watermelon, chips