I mentioned earlier that Stop & Shop has a lot of coupons right now.  This often happens in the fall.  And, the Market Basket fiasco just ended so I’m sure they’d like to hold onto any Market Basket customers who may have visited for the past few months.

My score of the week (really past two weeks) is ice cream.  I know its fall and ice cream consumption goes down.  But, I have five kids so somebody will eat it.  Last week Friendly’s ice cream was free (see post from Sept 22, 2014).  From that purchase I got a register coupon for $1.50 my next ice cream purchase.  This week I got an email coupon for $0.75 off the store brand ice cream.  Since it comes off my card automatically it works with regular store coupons.  Net result is 2 tubs (didn’t we used to call them gallons?) of ice cream for $0.24!

Here’s the plan for this week.

Saturday (Dad and older boys are out):
Hot dogs

Beef chili
Corn muffins

Kids:  shrimp & broccoli
Adults:  lasagna

Bertucci’s preschool fundraiser so pizza



Kids: poached eggs
Adults: homemade pizza