We’ll stick with food as the point of discussion today, but the real issue is space.  Here’s my fridge today after I did a bit of shopping.


I know a lot of you have deep freezes.  I don’t as my issue is always the fridge.  So, I was on the hunt for space when I got back from the farm stand today.  I also stopped at Trader Joe’s for cereal bars (obviously not here) and picked up a few Squishers which I haven’t had in a long time but were requested recently.

I guess there are a few things you might note.  First, that’s a lot of eggs.  Well, the dozens are for baking and one only has 2 eggs left.  The 18cts are XLs for eating (poached, scrambled, French toast, etc.) and one of them only has a few left too.  If we eat eggs for a meal it’s a dozen so this isn’t as crazy as it seems.  And, I just got the extra 18ct 2pk in my BJs run yesterday (10/6/14 link).  There’s also a tray of lasagna that’s not in the most efficient place.  But, its all pretty good stuff (Coke aside).

Behind what you see on the top shelf is more milk, 5 lbs of carrots & 4 lbs of broccoli.  The back of the middle shelf has sour cream and cheese blocks.  Behind the eggs on the bottom are sauerkraut & tortellini.  The bottom drawers are pretty full.  So, it can be done, but its tight and I don’t want to pack it too tight or I’ll have no air flow.

I do have a second fridge, but I try to use it for drinks and rarely used condiments only.  Right now its full of milk and lots of apples since its fall.  It’s where the large meats end up on occasion.

I’m not planning to show off the fridge on a regular basis, but I may again come holiday time.  It will definitely require planning and some creativity.

Where do you have space issues?