The question of how to get twins started on solids came up recently.  Here are my thoughts:

1) Just because you’ve been given the ok doesn’t mean they’re actually going to take to solids.  I’ve tried all of mine at the 4/5 month mark, but some didn’t get it until closer to 9m.  If they don’t get it just stop and try again in a few weeks.

2) I found high chairs (we have Fisher Price) to be much easier than bouncy seats.  You can start them slightly reclined and sit them up as they get a bit older.

3) Your friends with singletons will gasp, but use one spoon and jar/bowl and just go back and forth.  You may need to feed them one at a time at first.  But, once they get the hang of it it’s much easier to feed them at the same time.  And, you’ll never be fast enough for them if you try to have two spoons/bowls going.  I never had mine use the pouches as I didn’t really want to have to break that habit.

4) Buy the smallest box of rice cereal.  It’s very bland and you probably won’t use all of it even with twins.  For my younger two I just started with oatmeal and never did any other grains.

5)  Thicken it up quickly.  If you mix per the box, it’s barely above liquid.

6) I did all the veggies before fruits starting with sweet potato.

7) Pureed carrots stain horribly so I try to minimize how much of that they have, including meals with carrots.

8) What cereals/purees they eat bears little resemblance to what finger foods or table foods they eventually eat.  So, congratulate yourself if they’re great eaters, but don’t stress if they’re picky or just don’t want it at all.  You can switch to finger foods by 9 months so if they don’t take to the purees just try each for allergic reactions and move on.