The weather is turning so I’ve harvested the last of the foods for this year.  I’ve still got celery and a few carrots in the ground we can use, but otherwise its been picked.  While I didn’t end up with too much this year, it succeeded as a summer project for the kids.  Also, we were gone a bunch so we were reliant on whatever fell from the sky and we missed the corn harvest entirely.

I’d do corn again, though.  It came up well, we just left a week or so before it was ready and it was gone by the time we got back.  I truly recommend celery as its great to go get one stalk when that’s what you need for a recipe; we’re not big celery eaters.  Carrots take up a lot of space for not much return so I probably won’t do those again (but the boys pick so one never knows).  I had that same issue with broccoli last year.  I was fairly sure I’d purchased a yellow pepper plant, but they never moved beyond green.  The peppers were very good, but yellow would have been better.

The squash took over the yard.  We ended up with 1 butternut, 2 delicata, and 1 pumpkin (which is big but doesn’t seem to want to turn orange).  We only had one plant of each type, and my kids don’t like squash of any sort, so I’m not complaining.  The last time we planted squash we got 9 off one plant and had it all winter.

IMG_2621 IMG_2624