Or, so I thought.  I was so happy that I managed to rake the entire yard last week before it snowed (yes, really (though just a bit)).  I never go that fast.  Often the boys do some, but I had a deadline and they had school.


Then it snowed and the cold hit and the two trees that hadn’t lost their leaves lost them.

The pumpkins were snowed on.


And, I think this is really the end for this year’s celery.


I was going to have to rake again.  But, miraculously our lawn guy showed up and blew most of them (he missed the ones near the road) away.  So, that job got much shorter.  We only just started with the mower and I haven’t figured out exactly what they do.  I hadn’t seen them in some time so I thought they were done for the year, but maybe now they are?  We’ll see.