I went to BJs again.  It’s become apparent to me that two weeks is just a much better interval than one month.  At first I thought I could save some gas and energy only going once a month.  Gas yes; energy not so much.

It is farther than other places I can shop for food.  But, going once a month I anticipate what we will eat and our schedule is so irregular that that is just hard to do.  This is why my most recent trip is relatively small.


I also filled a cart with just this stuff so when I buy more I have to go through checkout twice and make two trips to the car.  This isn’t terrible, just time consuming.  The second main reason is that our house is cleaned every two weeks so I need to be out of it.  BJs, along with some other stop, takes just the right amount of time.  And, I can take the three year old.  When I was trying to stretch my BJs trips out I found it difficult to do something I actually needed to do during that interval.  Since I have to be gone for the entire morning and my little guy would rather nap in the morning even a trip to the park is difficult.  He does better with the stimulus of shopping.  So, I’m going back to every two weeks as needed.