I’ve decided this process is working well.  But, the blizzard took precedence last week.  That being said, I feel compelled to say that the usual stuff does get done (meals, laundry, homework, etc.) even if I don’t list it here.  I’m mainly focused on the items that don’t happen all the time, and that motivate me to keep tidying up.

  • Fixed 10 more books (still many to go)
  • Threw out 7 socks with holes
  • Threw out one pair of pants with holes.
  • Replaced 1 pair of shoelaces
  • Took down 3 old curtain rods in the bathrooms. They were eyesores.  I’m not planning to replace them because I don’t like curtains in the bathrooms.


  • Put away the remaining Christmas stuff – books, DVDs, CDs, etc. – that generally stay out longer.
  • Attended our first school music concert for the year. There will be two more.
  • Wrapped 2 more presents.
  • Did A LOT of shoveling.
  • Sorted out a lot of extra trash/recycling.