Here we are again with two more snow days.  We got another 16 inches on top of the two feet + 4 inches last week.  I think the boys and I are going to be tired of our property when February vacation week hits soon.

Here’s the before and afters from two spots in our yard.  Our deck is essentially full.  The tree is now accessible for exploring even though normally the boys can’t reach the lowest branches.  And, the bench is totally gone.

IMG_2907 IMG_2908

Just to point out that there really is a bench near that tree, here’s a picture from last Sunday afternoon.  You can see it peaking out just a bit.


Dad and the older boys came home from skiing Sunday afternoon, before the Super Bowl.  I imagine quite a few folks looked at the weather, decided schools would be closed on Monday (I’m not sure the forecast at that point made us think they’d be closed Tuesday too.), and stayed an extra day.  On Sunday they were forecasting the snow to get much lighter after lunch and stop around dinnertime – sooner North and West – so driving back Monday night wouldn’t have been terrible for everyone.  But, as it was the snow stayed heavy through the afternoon and stopped more like 11.

It’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow, though still below freezing, and sunny so I’m hoping for lots of melting on our driveway before the next forecasted batches of snow roll in.