In honor of the retiring David Letterman:

10.  Boston has declared the here-to-for worthy holiday of Evacuation Day a school day.
9.  A backhoe has taken up permanent residence in the elementary school parking lot.
8.  You can see neither left nor right when walking on the sidewalk.
7.  You get excited that your trash is picked up on the correct day.
6.  Preschool opens even though the public schools have a delayed opening.
5.  The Dr.’s office is ok with your being an hour late. (Hey, you got there AND found parking!)
4.  Your 2 year-old is productive with a snow shovel.
3.  You’ve tried all available snow options – no school, 2 hr delay, and 1 hr delay – in the same winter.
2.  Your kids heads droop when they’re told snow is in the forecast.
1.  Preschool has decided to add days to the end of the school year.