We changed up our after school activities this week.  I was happy that the boys were excited to return to swimming lessons.  We’d taken a few months off.  One, the 3y class was full.  Two, it’s tough coming out of swimming in winter, in the dark, and with a wet head.  Of course, I made this decision last November not knowing what sort of winter lay in store for us.  That decision worked out very well.

Today is also the last day of skiing lessons for my oldest.  This is actually a make up day for one of the bad weather days earlier in the winter.  The snow will be around for a while to come though.  Unfortunately, we’ll miss his new Thursday afternoon class as I wasn’t expecting skiing to run this long.  The twins start drawing class this afternoon.  It’s a bit colder again today, but I’m hoping to get the younger two out in the snow while we wait for the older ones’ classes.