It was coming eventually – our 2 year-old escaped his crib, repeatedly.  So, we decided to take the side off so its now a toddler bed.  But, this means that very little (beyond groceries, meals, and getting folks where they need to be) got done this week.  Instead, time was spent with additional baby-proofing and general sanitizing of the room so that he isn’t turning the bedroom inside out multiple times per day.  On the plus side I did clean out a bunch of stuff that I put away, threw away, or set aside to sell.

So, here’s what I got done.

  • Threw out 4 socks
  • Threw out 2 shirts
  • Fixed 2 books – Thankfully his new found freedom is resulting in less book destruction.
  • Chose fabrics to reupholster the living room sofas and dining room chairs, which desperately needs doing.