For over a month now there’s been a yellow balloon stuck in a tree about 300 feet behind our house.  It’s not on our property, but its not much closer to anyone else and we probably have the best view.

It’s finally starting to warm up and we need the ice/snow pack to get there over an otherwise marshy area with its fair share of poison ivy.  So, we sent the older four boys on a mission to get it this week.

For reasons the adults couldn’t figure, they set off with a sled, a full-size snow shovel, and a jump rope.  Unfortunately, upon arriving they discovered that the balloon was about 12 feet up an unclimbable tree.  But, it was determined that it was tangled on a single small branch.  When they came back to report, Dad sent them back again with the pole saw.  Success!

I’m happy to report that the balloon has made the trash.  The branch is cut, but back in the woods.  Most importantly, we’re not left looking at an out of place yellow blob.