Spring officially starts at 7ish tonight.  About that same time we should see snow start falling again, if the Weather Channel is to be believed.  Right now the sky is grey and it just feels like snow.

Spring sports are getting underway here.  I saw on the news that some of the high schools are practicing inside because their grass fields aren’t clear.  Their games start in two weeks.

We need the grass fields ready by April 11.  It looks like there is still about a foot of snow on grass surfaces today.  Even paved surfaces that weren’t religiously cleared over the winter still have a good dose of snow/ice on them.

I did see them clearing one of the turf fields.  I assume they will clear the second one also.  But, we only have two available (admittedly this is better than other towns), which will not suffice once all ages get going.  Wondering if/when it will melt (and dry out) has replaced wondering when that last bit of snow will fall so we break the record.  Either way, I think we’re in for a very muddy spring and I hope they make the date decision for elementary sports sooner rather than later.