You probably figured this was a done deal what with 4 older kids including twins, who team up to get into everything (or so they say).  But, no.  Our little guy has found his way into many places our older ones never thought to go.

So, we bought a second gate.  Thankfully we were able to find one similar to our discontinued model used.  This helps as the older ones all know how to work the mechanism and we want them to be able to get in and out.

We also had to remove all the stools.  This one is a climber, at least to reach and grope the tables and counters.  Then we removed small chairs and a few other items he’d identified as climbing aids.  Thus far none of these have been toys.

Next, we put drawer locks on drawers the older ones never bothered with.  Since those came in a multi-pack when we bought them way back when, we didn’t need to buy these.  But, he’s defeated them and/or decided he can reach in the remaining slot and pull things out.


It is better though, and maybe the novelty will wear off.

Finally, we added a lock to the sliding closet door in their room as rehanging every shirt in there twice a day was taking its toll.  Unlike the drawer locks this has been a tremendous success and one of my projects for next week will be to put everything back in that closet since I’m not pretty convinced he’s locked out AND our older ones can get in to access their stuff.


I wonder what he’ll get to next.