The menu really isn’t interesting this week.  We will have no family dinners until next Sunday as one adult or another will be out.  All good reasons – business dinner, social event, haircut (yes, I do those in the evenings so as not to have to bring a toddler with me), and Little League meeting.  We also have our standard Friday eggs/homemade pizza night and baseball Saturday evening which runs during dinnertime.

As such, I have only a small shopping trip to show, but one very heavy on produce.


What also worked out very well is that I needed to spend $26.50 (after sales, but before coupons) to be able to use all my coupons and this came to $26.54.  Can’t do much better than that!  Total after coupons was $23.93.

Kids: Macaroni & cheese
     Adults: Homemade pizza

Chicken & dumplings

Chicken strips
     Green beans

Take out pizza

Kids: Shrimp, broccoli
     Adults: Take out pizza (different place)

Chicken nuggets

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza