The menu is in flux this week as we have many sick folks.  The stomach bug has been ravaging our area.  So, I’m including the plan, but you may see something pop up again next week because we don’t get to it this week.  And, the front end of the week is very basic since I know there are sick folks.  Hopefully they’ll be well in a few more days.

I did make it to BJs without any kids in tow to get supplies for this weekend as we had company.  As it turned out we didn’t use it all with the sickness, so some will be used later in the week and some will be frozen.


As for the snow, its not gone.  I’d say we have just under a foot left on unpaved surfaces.  To add insult to injury we got an inch of snow on Saturday and woke up to flurries and accompanying cold and wind today.  It does not feel like spring.  Here’s the bench and tree you’ve seen before.


The last time we had rain the snow depth went from seat high to this (minus the fresh inch).  We’re due for more rain at the end of the week so maybe some more will depart.  Though, what is left is very, very solid.

As for the menu:

Kids: Chicken nuggets (for those who are not sick)
     Adults: Homemade pizza

BBQ chicken
     Pasta salad
     Tossed salad

Kids: Macaroni & cheese (for those who are not sick)
     Adults: Tuna noodle casserole


     Sweet potato
     Green beans
     Raisin sauce
     Egg bread

     Corn muffins

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza