I feel like I’m coming out of a fog.  There’s the never ending (or melting) snow and the sequence of birthdays conspiring against me.  But spring is here (technically), activities are changing, and cleaning must be done.

  • Threw out 7 socks
  • Did the laundry backlog and actually put it away now that I’m convinced that the little guy isn’t getting in the closet anymore. The drawers are still an issue.
  • Got sour cream and eggs free based on other grocery purchases. The sour cream was free after a cheese purchase, which was on my list anyway.  The eggs were free after purchasing bacon, which we use a lot of.  All items were on good sales even before the free items.
  • Triggered the “you’re using too many coupons” flag on the Wegman’s register. I’m thinking this means I saved more than they anticipate, but I had no manufacturer’s coupons.  I bought sale items and used $7 in Wegman’s coupons for a total savings of $11.59 with a final spend of $21.05.  I’m not sure what would have happened if I’d actually had a bunch of coupons, but the cashier gave me no issues and confirmed all my coupons were properly used.
  • Fixed 2 books
  • Migrated three more months of this blog to WordPress
  • Took the dining room chair seats to the reupholster
    • While they were there I cleaned the frames (and the table and walls for good measure)
    • Reinstalled the seat cushions (this was not terribly hard, but much harder than removing them) after they were done
  • Dealt with three stomach sick kids (fingers crossed it doesn’t spread further)
    • Did a lot of excess laundry & cleaning as a result
  • Replaced the wiper blades on my minivan
  • Mailed the reimbursement for towing to the Roadside Assistance company that was unable to find a tow truck for us. From what I’ve read online I’m not expecting to get our money back for many months.