There will be no picture today.  You really don’t need that.

I’m of mixed opinions on bunk beds.  The boys like them and they give us a bunch more floor space, which is nice.  But, its difficult to do the sheets/blankets under good conditions, let alone when someone is sick.  This time I decided to clean from the floor up, which might seem kind of backwards but which allowed me to get closer and closer to the heart of the problem without having to touch/cross the mess.

But, there was the full bedding on top, plus the quilt on the bottom (removed from sleeping child and replaced without waking him up!).  We lost one stuffed animal, but its recent and can be reordered; the others in his bed were saved.  We threw out four stuffed animals that got hit a bit, but nobody actually uses anyway.  I might have been able to clean them, but it was a good reason to reduce our stuffed animal count.  Thankfully the furniture nearby was easy to clean and the waterproof mattress cover almost entirely spared the mattress.  Finally, I tossed the rug from that side of the room.  It’s 10 years old from Target and the matching one from the other side of the room is worn too so I may just replace them both.  Either way it wasn’t worth the effort of cleaning it.

The rug and animals were the biggest casualties of this illness.  My two year-old did hit the couch when he had it, but I already had the fabric on order to reupholster it so its sanitized, but I’m not worrying about it much.