I don’t like doing this, but last week I went to three food stores on the same day.  I had intended to split them up, but sick kids at home limited my chances to get out.

I was at Stop & Shop first.  The cheese ($5 total for three packages) and potatoes were on particularly good sales.  The Parmesan and margarine were not so this is to stay afloat until the next sale.


We went to Wegman’s next.  This week’s coupon was for seafood so we got some nice tuna steaks.  The cheese is just good.  And, I picked up a few other items that are regularly priced better there.


Finally, we were in need of a trip to BJs.  Obviously we got a lot of milk.  We’re also gearing up for sports season so I got pre-sliced apples for soccer snack next week and some Gatorades for when we have to go directly from one sport to another.


Unfortunately, now that the spring schedules are rolling in, its become apparent that we’re going to have rather few family dinners for a few weeks – none this week.  And, I didn’t figure this out until it was too late to produce leftovers.  I need to dig up a few more kid specific / adult specific fast meals.

Kids: Macaroni & cheese
     Adults: Homemade pizza


Kids: Hot dogs
     Adults: Reubens

Kids: Turkey dinner
     Adults: Homemade pizza

Asiago chicken

Chicken chili

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza