I bought these about a month ago in an attempt to waste fewer fresh herbs.  I don’t own ice cube trays so those were not an option.


First, the good.  They are easy to fill, and it is easy to remove the cubes from the green base once they’re frozen.  The recommendation is to remove them to a Ziploc bag after freezing, which I did.  They stayed separate in the freezer and went into my next recipe just fine.  Plus, with two trays per box there’s plenty of capacity to freeze the remainder of a grocery store bunch at once.

But … The lids are impossible to get off – at least that is my experience thus far.  I filled my trays and snapped them on no problem.  But, once frozen the lids have no give.  I had to use a screwdriver to pry them off (I seriously contemplated smashing them with a hammer or just throwing them away it was so frustrating).  In the process I drew blood from my hand as the screwdriver slipped multiple times. (Photo is from the next day.)


What’s worse is that I wrote to Ball with my experiences two weeks ago and … radio silence.  I admit it is possible I did something wrong.  Namely, I am going to try using them again but with less fluid so there might be some give at the top.  But, I read and followed all of the instructions that came with them, had issues, and got no response from customer service.  That is just wrong.