The first shopping trip last week was to Wegman’s.  This was a mix of things we were running low on that are regularly at a good price and items for which there were specific coupons this week.  The pastry in the front right, for example, was free.


Second, I went to Star Market.  This is a pretty representative trip there for us – lots of oatmeal, pizza cheese, and pizza dough.  I haven’t been so happy with their pizza dough lately (It’s not Star Market specific.  I bought a package at Stop & Shop recently of the same brand that was equally disappointing.).  Hence I’m going to try the Wegman’s pizza dough.  I’ve been meaning for a while to get back to making my own dough.  This might just push me over the edge.

I got a few pre-made items – Turkey dinner and rotisserie chicken – for the fast meals I needed last week.  I got rye for the Reubens as Wegman’s didn’t have any of the brands we prefer.  And, I picked up a few items on sale.  The goldfish had a store-specific coupon that made it cheaper than Wegman’s, but I could only buy one.  The Pringles were free with the Cheez-It purchase, which were the same price at Wegman’s but without the Pringles.


It’s a holiday week here – Patriot’s Day – so meals should be a bit more relaxed with no after school activities.

Kids: Eggs
     Adults: Homemade pizza

Hamburgers on the grill

     Red potatoes

Take-out pizza

Chicken with artichokes
     Sweet potatoes

Kids: Chicken nuggets
     Adults: Homemade macaroni & cheese

Kids: Eggs
Adults: Homemade pizza