The boys are off this week and without thinking too hard we’ve got lots to do.

Monday was Patriots Day.  We were going to go to the parade, but it was canceled because of awful weather – very cold rain and high winds.  So, I took advantage of the cold (40s), wet spring day to make a big, oven heavy dinner.  It does not match my menu (link to 4/20).  We had ham, baked cauliflower, homemade egg bread, green beans, raisin sauce, and homemade cheese cake.  The boys did not like the cheesecake, but we made them all try some.  They’ve never had it before and the idea of cheese in cake was really throwing them all off.

Tuesday I took them bowling.  My 4y has been asking for this for a few weeks now.  I’d intended for us to play two games, but the 2y wasn’t really interested and the 9y lost the first game and therefore all interest.  So we came home.  The weather was beautiful so after lunch they went outside.  The trouble with outside this time of year is you get this:


I’ve told them they need to clean it off and not repeat that feat as it isn’t fair to those who don’t want to get dirty to have their play things covered with mud.

Today the older three have dentist appointments so we’ll all be along for that trip.  Tomorrow we have a memorial service to attend.  Friday we have nothing scheduled.  I’m hoping for nice weather so the boys can be outside all day before heading back to school next week.