I got word a few weeks back that one of these had appeared near us.  The box has actually been there since the fall, but I was under the mistaken impression that items needed to be in good condition to go in.  I’ve only recently determined that this is a textile recycling box, vs a donation box.

Anyway, I expect to fill up a bag to take over soon as we cycle from winter to summer clothes.  I’ve come across another batch of socks with holes.  It’s painfully apparent that there are many items that will not survive as hand-me-downs after this winter.  At this point I’m making a mental note while I let them wear the clothes to play outside, but I’m not going to store them.

Finally, my twin who prefers chinos had 4 pairs he was cycling through.  When I was getting ready for the memorial service I figured I had him covered for nice clothes.  But, no!  It turns out 3 of 4 pairs had holes in the knees – varying in significance but enough that all will come out of circulation immediately.  The 4th was in my repair pile for some buttons that had come off.  As it is he is on the verge of moving to the next size, of which I already found him a few pairs of chinos.  So, first wearing was to the memorial service.