Tomorrow is Little League Opening Day.  A much bigger to-do is made of this than it really needs with the parade, speeches, and such.  We do tend to skip those.  But, what it really means is that my six weeks of spring sports schedule hell (with a small respite on Memorial Day weekend) is beginning.  There will be very few family dinners and Saturdays the adults will be split to handle the two sets of activities.  Starting tomorrow most weeks we will have:

Monday evening – soccer practice for oldest; baseball game for twins (thankfully they’re on the same team); unfortunately these are at the same time, but not the same place so I’ll have to sort out how everyone is getting where they need to be

Tuesday evening – meeting for Mom (different each week, but somehow, thankfully, all on Tuesday which doesn’t have another conflict)

Wednesday evening – baseball game for oldest

Thursday evening – soccer practice for oldest

Saturday (needs a list) – soccer & baseball games x three kids

Sunday – baseball practice for oldest

Amazingly, we have very few conflicts.  We were anticipating having to make some tough decisions with the increased time commitments required of 3rd grade sports.