As I mentioned last week, I won’t be posting a menu again until after baseball/soccer season.  There are just too few days when we’re all home to have dinner together.  It will be a month of quick meals & leftovers.  What you saw last week may be repeated many times!

I did make two trips to the grocery store.  First I went to Stop & Shop.  Everything was on sale except the margarine, which we were running out of.  This came in at $26.66 after sales and coupons (which totaled $20.10).  I felt pretty good about that.


I went to Wegman’s later in the week.  We were running low on granola bars; everything else was for a cheese plate the next day.  But, I was able to use this week’s $5 off coupon.


Total grocery costs for April came in a bit higher than they have been, but that was to be expected after a number of low months.  And, it was still within the acceptable range.

  • April TOTAL: $970.55
    • Stop & Shop: $159.79
    • BJs: $389.60
    • Other: $421.16
      • Local: $44.97
      • Wegman’s: $205.04
      • Star Market: $94.93
      • Trader Joe’s: $19.12
      • Target: $27.18
      • Other: $29.92