I admit, I very much like the Closet Maid cube system, especially for organizing toys.  (I’m sure some other brand cube system would do great too, but this is what I have.)  Two squares is a good height and there’s enough room in each cube for most anything.  Because we have a lot of trucks (yes, boys), we use the bottom row as a parking garage and the top row for bins and other toys.  Really big stuff ends up on top.


I made the tags myself using self laminating luggage tags.

But, as you can see in the above picture from a few months back the cubs do not stay square for long.  This is because their sides are cardboard.  They’re pretty durable.  In five years we’ve replaced two.  But, it’s time to replace two more.


Once they’re replaced, they look nice and square for a short while. (Yes, I could have replaced the green one too.  But, its mushed, not actually broken through the fabric yet.)


I’ve looked.  I even talked to a professional organizer friend.  Apparently nobody makes plastic cubes to fit these shelving units.  With all the plastic bins available out there, I was surprised.  This is a huge marketing opportunity for someone!  (Write me if you do!)