I didn’t do much grocery shopping last week, by usual standards.  I made my monthly trip to Shaw’s/Star Market to stock up on a few things I can only get there (Ginger Ale was on sale so I grabbed that too.)


Later in the week I went to Wegman’s.  I hadn’t (and still haven’t) received their new coupon booklet in the mail so I got one from the service desk.  I spent way more than the $25 required to use their coupons, but there was a lot I needed.


This was more of a complete grocery trip than I’ve ever done there.  The broccoli was the one item not on my list.  It was one of the coupon items this week and I am getting low so I took advantage of that.

Next week will be more complicated.  Tuesday I’ll be at Target (where I’ll pick up a few groceries while getting other things) and BJs.  I haven’t sorted what I’m doing at Stop & Shop, but I’ve got a bunch of extra gas points to get if I spend in $50 increments.  I’ll have to see what’s on sale.  I’ll be going there and Wegman’s on Wednesday.