Despite the unceasing sports schedule I got a lot done this week.

Things that got done:

  • Removed blinds and bifold doors in the mudroom.  We never used the blinds and the strings were just in the way.  The doors did’t function well; I’m planning to replace them with a curtain.
  • Finished raking the yard for the spring.  I have a few more beds to clean up; hopefully, that will be done this week.
  • Added a yellow pepper plant to my garden.  Added a tomato plant to the deck.
  • Sent in my “grab bag” donations for the spring carnival at school.
  • Had a dentist appointment.
  • Sorted out the 2T summer shirts to loan them to someone else.
  • Found a good haul of stuff at the town kids consignment sale.  It was one of the better selections of boys pants/shorts I’ve seen in a long time.