With many kids we have a lot of sports equipment.  These are a new addition for us and came at the recommendation of a teammate’s parent.


They’ve been everything advertised.  One can pitch to the kids from a few feet away; they take a full swing with a real bat; and they feel the result, see the result, all while everyone stays safe.  Tonight we also put them on a tee to work on hitting through the ball for power.  Our yard is small enough that our oldest can easily hit a wiffle ball out. No issues here.

As you can see we got a few.  They seem to come in batches of 6 or 12.  We’re glad we got the dozen as one can hit them all and then quickly go pick them up since there’s really no chasing.  You can also see that they’re a bit larger than a baseball.  I’m not exactly sure why that is, but it doesn’t affect either throwing or hitting.

We’ve been very happy.