After moving almost directly from winter to summer, things have settled out and the weather has largely been in the 70s.  (Actually, its been cold enough sometimes that we still debate putting the heat on at night.)  So far we’ve had six days above 80; three more are forecast through the end of June.  While long term weather forecasting is not super reliable, this is enough for me to postpone my summer oven hiatus until after July 4.  Of course, I will be mindful and if it starts getting near 90 this will go into place.

This weekend we’ve enjoyed three days of BBQ – hamburgers on the grill; ribs and pulled pork from the smoker.  Don’t they look yummy!

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IMG_3286 IMG_3287

Last week the younger boys and I visited the DPW for Public Works week, which was very fun.  (Unfortunately I couldn’t stand far enough away from the vehicles to get a great picture as they might have escaped.)  Here’s one in the backhoe – balloon and plastic hard hat courtesy of the DPW.  I never did figure out what the hose contraption was, though I don’t think its related.