I admit, I did a huge amount of grocery shopping last week.  On Tuesday I went to Target, BJs, and Wegman’s!  Target and BJs are very close to each other so I always try to go to them together.  After dropping those items at home I had a bit of time so I squeezed in the Wegman’s trip before the preschool pickup, rather than waiting until Wednesday.

At Target, my list was nuts and raisins; the Gatorade turned out to be on sale and red is a favorite color so I picked some up.  The nuts and raisins will last us a long time; I don’t go to Target that often.  As you might assume, I was there for other things too – socks, mouthwash, etc – that didn’t make the “food” picture (or total).


The BJs trip was the most extensive I’ve had in a long time.  It was my regular week to go, hence the large quantity of milk, some juice, soda, cheese, bread, and ground turkey.  This is the third time I’ve looked for chicken thighs; I was beginning to think boneless/skinless had been discontinued for the summer.  They’re not in my immediate meal plans, but they’re such a staple of our menus that I grabbed a pack while I was able to find it.  The hot dogs and chicken nuggets (still baseball/soccer season) are for next weekend and mid-week respectively.  Pretty much all the rest was for our three day BBQ fest over the weekend.


Wegman’s was a much smaller set of items – better prices than at Stop & Shop plus I used $6 in Wegman’s coupons.


I went to Stop & Shop on Wednesday with a decent number of coupons.  The desserts should last us quite a while.


And, if things were looking produce deprived, I was at the local produce place on Friday.  I think everything is fairly easy to identify except the containers which are chicken salad, cole slaw, and pasta salad.  With the exception of the green beans, all is gone by now.