After a very cold winter and fairly cold spring, we’ve had a few summer-like days recently.  (The pattern is due to break this weekend.)  Today was almost 90 and downright muggy.  Thank goodness for AC.


The garden has been doing well.  We have lots of flowers on our strawberry plants.  The peas are growing nicely.  The broccoli and celery may have recovered from being taken down to nubs by some animal overnight.


As you can see we also have lots of lettuce, plenty of chives, and some basil.  There’s also a pepper plant which is hard to see (first picture), but is doing well enough.  I’m just hoping the broccoli comes through before it gets too warm.  The lettuce can be picked whenever needed, and we’ve already taken some for salads as its grown.

When there’s a bit more space I’ll be putting in corn, beans, and sunflowers.  These will replace the broccoli & peas.  As of now I haven’t planned for the fall; we’ll see how things go.