Since local produce is finally coming out of the frozen tundra, the CSAs will start up in a few weeks.  But, I’ve elected not to join one this year.  We have in the past, but I find we don’t receive enough of the foods we want to eat, and we always end up with too much of what we don’t.  So, my plan this year is to make my own weekly CSA baskets.

Around here that is easier than it might seem.  First, we have a number of local farms and farmer’s markets to choose from.  I’m not limiting myself to doing the basket in one day or one location, so I can piece it together over the week.  Second, one of the farm stands publishes what’s in their weekly basket online.

So, my rules are that I have to purchase a basket – by volume.  And, it has to include at least half of the items on the weekly online list.  I can purchase these items at any of the local stands/markets.  I am not counting produce marked as local that I purchase at a grocery store, although I’m not going to turn that down either.

As for cost, I thought about forcing myself to spend the CSA amount per week, but I decided that didn’t make sense.  Their baskets are leveled over the summer and mine can be also.  I will total up what I spend and compare it to the CSA costs at the end.