Here’s how the spending went for May.  I decided to pull Wegman’s into the top section as it was often dominating the “Other” section.  Nothing seems particularly out of whack.  BJs might be a bit higher than it has been and groceries a bit lower, but nothing worrisome.  And, the total is in line; that’s what matters.

  • May TOTAL: $980.62
    • Stop & Shop: $161.39
    • BJs: $363.98
    • Wegman’s: $209.23
    • Other: $246.02
      • Local: $77.38
      • Star Market: $107.12
      • Trader Joe’s: $11.15
      • Target: $50.37
      • Other: $0

Not much in the way of grocery shopping to report for last week.  I made one trip to Wegman’s.  Yes, the premade sandwich is in my food total.


This week I anticipate more shopping as I plan to go to BJs, Stop & Shop, and Wegman’s.