I suspect this is a dilemma facing all parents.  What to do with the unending supply of papers that come home from school?


For papers, or flat items, there are endless ideas online.  However, 3D art seems trickier.  For one, its hard to capture it as well in a photo.  Second, its just plain hard to store.  Third, its often hard to display.  So what do you do?


I have the usual array of pinch pots, painted flower pots, and plates.  But, more recently I’ve started getting 3D cardboard and papermache structures – beyond the usual clay formations.  Some are to large for diaper boxes even.

IMG_3310  IMG_3190

I guess push will come to shove and some will definitely hit the trash.  For others – I’m thinking more durable, but smaller items – I will store them for a bit to see if the boys miss them.  If the papers are any guide they won’t.