Well, things got a bit crazy last week.  I suppose that’s to be expected.  We’re all rather worn out from sports seasons and longer term the school year.  Sports finish up in the next ten days; school by the end of the month.  Then we move on to summer vacation!

I was at BJs on Tuesday.  This was a small visit by our standards, mostly staples.


Wednesday I went to Wegman’s and Stop & Shop.

IMG_3304  IMG_3303

On Wednesday I also stopped at Trader Joe’s for three boxes of cereal bars (didn’t take a picture of them).  And, I went to the local produce place.  There I got strawberries, tomatoes, and peaches.  They buy from all over so none of these are actually local yet.  The local produce here now is limited to greens, but strawberries are expected in 1-2 weeks.  Yippee!