The CSA box is finally starting to take on more color.

The good:  swiss chard (I have a great fish recipe for this), boston lettuce, pickling cucumber (we’ll just eat them), red onions, corn, tomatoes

The ok: zucchini (not anyone’s favorites, but we’ll eat them), basil & scallion (I can use these, but not in the quantity given

The waste/donate: beets, chioggia beets, kholrabi, kale

I’ll go with the “good” plus the basil.  This is the best week yet, though it begins to highlight my issue with the CSA.  I have no interest in the “waste/donate” category, but I could use way more corn than comes in the box, just to have one meal let alone two which we could easily do in a week.  So, its not just the mix of produce, its the quantities that don’t work so well for us.