Well, we went away for another short trip, but now will be back for the duration of the summer.

It’s been hectic lately and with the heat I haven’t wanted to take the time after getting home to lay out all the groceries.  Better to get them in the fridge.  I need to get back to the photos.  But, I did take a few photos of some of the more interesting items this week.

Mustard was $0.50 each after sales & coupons.  I bought one ketchup – we’ll use it, one had to buy 4 total items to get the best sale price, and I needed one more coupon to have three for the mustards.


I also took a photo of my produce purchases for the week.  There was one more plum & one more banana, but they got eaten before the photo.  Obviously the bananas aren’t local.  Neither are the tomatoes.  But, the blueberries, peaches, and plums are.  The peaches and plums were tiny, but very tasty.


It’s CSA week 7 and its the first week where I could use everything in the box!

The good:  athena melon, Boston lettuce, corn (though not enough for us), tomatoes, cucumber, swiss chard, wax beans

The ok: romano beans, zucchini, basil & scallions (more than we could ever use of each), carrots (I really can’t tell the difference between local & CA from the grocery store)

I’ll go with the “good” this week.  That’s not to say that there’s anything bad in the ok selection.  But, I’ll need more corn and I’d prefer to add some in season fruits like blueberries or peaches (just coming into season so this will only work if I can find them).