This week is a bit of a mixed bag.  Plenty to choose from for me to pick the half I’ll use, but plenty of things I wouldn’t use if I was given the whole box too.  The last few weeks have restarted my thoughts that I like the CSA more as the summer moves along.  If only, one could just do the last 10 weeks I might reconsider and join.

That being said, we’ve been doing pretty well this year eating enough produce, and specifically enough seasonal produce that we like (vs what we’re given) that I don’t feel too bad about it.  And, I’m not sure a CSA is super cost effective unless you eat everything.  Between the items that don’t get eaten and the fact that things are not as cleaned and prepped as they might be at the farm stand (I don’t mean pre-cut.), there’s both waste cost and extra work involved.

The good:  tomatoes, corn, green pepper, green leaf lettuce, pickle cukes (we’ll just eat them), wax beans, swiss chard

The ok: zucchini & summer squash, muskmelon, scallions

The waste/donate: beets & chioggia beets, tuscan kale, sicilian eggplant

I’ll take the “good” catagory plus the muskmelon.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had a muskmelon.  I am sure that the boys won’t eat it, but maybe I’ll like it.