More bad news on this specific CSA.  I went to the farm stand today to see if I could get more local peaches – and they’re gone!  I know they are definitely still around and I found some later in the day, so now worries just more stops.  I think that’s my biggest issue with this particular CSA – too many veggies and not enough fruits.  Our family need more balance.

The good:  tomatoes (regular & grape), boston lettuce, broccoli, orange cauliflower, pickle cukes (we’ll just eat them), green peppers, wax beans

The ok: baby arugula, radishes (don’t need them, but haven’t had them in a while either), zucchini

The waste/donate: eggplant, beets, basil (this is way past overkill for us)

Despite my complaints about the veggie/fruit ratio, this is a good week.  I’ll take the good category, which actually gets me more than the requisite number of items!